Here are just a few of the fantastic things our liveries have said about their experiences at Farley Hall Equestrian Centre.



There are two particular things about Farley hall that stand out from most livery yards. The first is their service mentality. The client really does come first and it is run on a business footing aiming to provide a consistently high standard of care. The second is that, quite simply, they do what they promise. the level of integrity and reliability is on a different level from any other yard I’ve been at. As an owner who is often away from week to week it makes all the different not to wonder if my horse is stuck in the corner of his box, not turned out, not exercised, and not groomed.”

Sue Garrard

June 2017

I already had Warrior 3 years when I arrived at Farley and seeing the change in him in the last year has been an absolute pleasure and huge relief. He has been utterly spoiled and has learned to enjoy new things; the Team at Farley got him through his hacking misgivings and have given us the pleasure of wandering around the estate, relaxing in the company of other horses and liveries. We have had the opportunity to have lessons with top instructors and learn more about horse care and discipline from Natalie, Tiff, Debbie and the rest of the team. It is great to see how much he (and I) are benefitting from the top notch facilities and being surrounded by fun, competent and dedicated people.

Chrysoula Zervoudakis

June 2017

From day one, the care of my horses has been first rate and I have been impressed with the level of care and attention they get. The team at Farley are super and very responsive to client needs. I work full time and often have to travel abroad, when I am away I know there is a knowledgable team looking after my boys. The facilities are fabulous and the hacking is amazing. My horses are very happy and have never looked so well.

Sandra Tizzard

June 2014

My arrival at Farley was somewhat different to the norm in that I arrived the day I picked my new horse up from her previous home so not only did I not know how anything worked at Farley but I didn’t know my horse either! The staff coped admirably and with humour to my “ermmmm” response to their standard questions on arrival at a new yard e.g. “how does she react to this?” or “how is it best to approach her with this?”! Notwithstanding that somewhat unconventional start we both settled in really quickly because from my perspective the staff AND fellow liveries were very helpful and supportive and from my mare’s perspective the horses generally settle well there because it has such a strong routine.

The facilities at Farley are the best I have ever experienced. The outdoor school alone is huge and the surface rides very well. And now the (slightly less) huge and airy indoor school is a very welcome alternative on the adverse weather days common to this wonderful climate of ours. The hacking is also unbeatable with the choice of 1700 acres of parkland, bridleways and easy access to Bramshill Forest providing a variety of scenery and surfaces that helps with the horses’ fitness and sanity. Equally important with respect to maintaining the horses’ sanity, individual turn out has been maintained even through the shocking winter weather we have just experienced.

I work full time and so rely heavily on the yard staff to make sure my mare’s day to day needs are met. The staff are friendly and helpful and the standard of care is good. Equally important are the other liveries who are all very supportive of each other and considering they range from happy hackers, to dressage devotees to eventers and showjumpers – it’s an eclectic mix that works surprisingly well!

Louise Weir

Mar 2014

“After being at the same yard for the past 10 years it was time for a change. Moving to Farley was the best decision we've made. Aside from the luxury facilities for both the horses and owners, the staff are really friendly and knowledgeable and are always there to help with any concerns or questions I have. I can go to university at the beginning of the week knowing that Snoopy will be well looked after and getting the 5* treatment he needs. 

There is great hacking around Farley Hill and Bramshill, and there is always someone to go with. All the liveries are willing to help each other, whether it be sharing lifts to competitions or chatting about how a schooling session went.

With the support we have been given from the Farley team there has been a great improvement in Snoopy and he is definitely loving his new home and all the attention he is now getting.

Charlotte Murray

March 2014

"Farley Hall is the complete package. The horses are cared for as individuals to high standards, the facilities are fantastic (surfaces, turnout, hacking, washing (horse & rider), the staff are professional, knowledgeable and kind, and the owners are just as well looked after. There are always plenty of opportunities to train and people to help. Its a happy place to be and the horses are just so relaxed and content. I don't think I could ask for more."

Sara Garvie

March 2014

"I came to Farley Hall Equestrian in a blind panic after the yard I was at previously gave us notice they were closing down To be honest, I had thought that it would be a temporary home until we found somewhere else on the basis that I didn't think we needed quite the level of luxury on offer. That was 2 1/2 years ago!

Aside from the fantastic facilities, the club house and showers have been invaluable in helping me to balance work and play, the main reason that we stayed was the people.  There's a great variety of owners and horses on the yard, Sexy and I are essentially happy hackers, however, there are people competing in eventing and dressage and lots of people and horses in between. 

The staff are professional and knowledgeable, but above all they're super friendly and helpful.  The Farley team with the support of the estate mean that nothing's ever too much trouble and they can tweak things to fit individual horses (and owners). Whether that's around turnout, feeding, bedding, exercise etc. I'm 110% confident that even if I can't get to see my boy for a couple of days that he's safe and happy in their 5* care being looked after like one of their own.

With the support of the team at Farley and the other owners Sexy and I went to our first show (It was a tiny but exciting and he was appallingly behaved!), have been taking part in clinics and enjoyed hacking with friends around the estate, Farley Hill and Bramshill."

Claire Panico

April 2013

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