Farley Hall Equestrian Centre offers excellent, elite features that facilitate the highest level of equestrian care.


Scotts of Thrapston Luxury Stables – Scotts of Thrapston are renowned as 'The Masters in Stabling' and are the leading suppliers of bespoke stabling. For more information please visit www.scottsofthrapston.co.uk

Each stable sports an automatic water drinker and smoke detector connected to the central alarm system.


The immaculate Farley Hall Yard is always kept clean and tidy; it’s set up is designed with the horses and owners in mind.


The exclusive Farley Hall clubhouse boasts the highest quality facilities and features.


Farley Hall's superior arena is contained with post and rail fencing and boasts a premium, well-maintained surface, which provides maximum support, compaction and drainage.


We pride ourselves on sustaining excellent paddocks, which are secure, well maintained and clean. Paddocks are checked on a daily basis, so that owners can be assured that their horses are safe while turned out.

  • Individual turnout paddocks with secure fencing.

  • 24 hour turnout available all year round if required / requested.

  • Hardcore walkways to all paddocks.

  • Fully maintained and poo picked weekly


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Farley Farms and Estate, The Estate Office, Farley Hall, Castle Road, Farley Hill, Berkshire RG7 1UL
Estate Manager: e-mail - andrew@farleyfarms.co.uk
Telephone (0118) 973 0047 Fax (0118) 973 0385