Natalie Gaibani

Yard Manager

Natalie manages the yard and trains clients in dressage and eventing from Prelim/BE80 up to Medium/Intermediate. She is currently producing her own horse, Straw Breeze, whom she bought as an untrained project last year and is this year aiming at one-star.

She has previously competed on her own horses up to Intermediate/two-star and hopes to achieve three-star in future.

Natalie is happy to train all level of rider and gives regular pole-work and jump lessons, she is an encouraging, supportive trainer who seeks to get the best out of a combination, whilst understanding all too well the challenge of being a one horse owner/rider. 

All-inclusive training packages are available with Natalie, please see the packages page or ask for details.


Josefin Gyllensward

In-house trainer

Josie is resident with her two Grand Prix dressage horses and is available for schooling and teaching.  She is a regular member of the Swedish U25 international dressage squad, in 2016 gaining European team Bronze and 10th individually on her own horse Donald.

She has had numerous wins at International level, both U25 and seniors, and is a UKCC level 2 coach.  She is an incredibly disciplined but kind, empathetic rider, and a highly enthusiastic and supportive coach, whether you aim to compete in your first ever Prelim, school up to Grand Prix, or in fact just get better control to hack down the road!

Richard Waygood MBE

Eventing Coach

Richard Waygood was appointed Chef d'Equipe of the senior British dressage team in 2010 and is currently the programme manager for team GBR.

He is one of Britain's most successful military event riders, having competed at Burghley and Badminton CCI4*s and is involved with training the Team GBR CIC2* eventing team. Richard coaches regular jump clinics at Farley Equestrian throughout the year.

Nicky Barrett

Dressage Coach

Nicky has won international titles at Grand Prix Dressage, and trains the Spanish Dressage team.  She is a list 1 judge and trains all riders up to Grand Prix level.  Nicky is an extremely sought after coach, and trains Farley liveries in private lessons in between her busy coaching schedule.

Nick Gauntlett

Eventing Coach

Nick is a British Eventing Accredited Coach and an international event rider, regularly seen competing at 4* level in the UK and internationally. 

Nick is a regular trainer at Farley Equestrian and visits twice a month.  He trains owners privately, and runs regular jump clinics throughout the year. 

He is a popular trainer and regular face at Farley Equestrian, competing younger horses at the BE Event held on the estate.

Liveries are welcome to book their own trainers to come to Farley Equestrian for no charge. We do not place restrictions on arena use though find generally there is space for all in one or other of our huge arenas!

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