Looking after the countryside
Looking after the natural environment is at the very heart of everything we do at here at Farley. The farm is in a countryside stewardship scheme and is also signed up to the Entry Level agri-environment scheme. We have planted more than 5 kilometres of new hedgerow in recent years and routinely lay our hedges using traditional methods to promote wildlife habitats and to ensure that our hedges are stock proof. Hedges are only mechanically trimmed every three years and this ensures a plentiful supply of hedgerow berries and nuts for birds and other animals.
Part of the farm runs alongside the River Blackwater and we have returned the land adjacent to the river to permanent pasture, which we manage through extensive grazing to reduce riverbank erosion and to minimise the loss of soil nutrients through leaching.

All of our arable fields have 6 metre field margins and we have planted more than 25 acres of new broadleaf woodland on land once in arable rotation, to complement the 325 acres of woodland across the estate.
Ultimately, we want to make sure that everything we do leaves the land better for future generations, through enhanced biodiversity and preservation of our natural heritage. To this end we are also preserving the parkland around Farley Hall through a Parkland Restoration Plan.


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