Producing great quality milk
Our 200 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows (called the Bearsted Herd) live at Tanners Dairy, where they produce around 3 million litres of high quality milk each year. This milk is sold to a milk processor, Muller, on a premium Marks & Spencer contract.

We are very proud to be one of only 36 dairy farms supplying M&S with fresh conventional liquid milk through their Milk Pledge Plus scheme. This market-leading scheme ensures that we receive a fair price for our milk as we are paid in a way that reflects the costs of production.

What's more, our milk is better for you as we feed our cows a natural diet that reduces saturated fat levels. This is unique to M&S and results in milk that is even healthier than normal, as well as delivering environment benefits and advantages in cow health and welfare.

To ensure that we can deliver a level supply of milk to meet customer demand, we calve our cows all through the year. Our cows are kept in small groups to ensure that we can give them the highest levels of care and attention, and during the summer months they have access to grazing on pasture around the dairy, whilst during the winter months they are housed in comfortable free-stalls and fed a mixture of homegrown forages and cereals.

All of our young female calves are reared at home at Tanners Dairy Farm before they are old enough to join their Mothers in the milking herd.

We take animal welfare very seriously and are accredited to Red Tractor standards through the National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme, as well as supporting the LEAF Marque scheme. We also undertake additional audits on health and welfare and farm standards as part of our M&S contract.

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