About Farley Farming

For more than sixty years we've been farming the beautiful Berkshire countryside around Farley Hall in a family partnership.
Stretching to around 1,750 acres amid gently rolling hills, the farm is sandwiched between three rivers - the Blackwater, the Whitewater and the Loddon - which are tributaries of the mighty Thames. The farm includes traditional river meadows, pasture, arable land and woodland, and all of our farming operations are managed to protect and enhance the local environment.

Our main enterprises include our herd of 200 pedigree Holstein Friesian dairy cows as well as arable cropping, and we also spend considerable time managing the natural landscape to encourage wildlife and protect our pastoral countryside for future generations. In addition, we have a modest sporting shoot, a number of residential properties and commercial lets, and a thriving equestrian yard on the farm, and this diversity helps to support the estate.

Engaging with the community
Here at Farley we realise that we play an important role in the community. As such we regularly welcome visitors to the farm to find out more about what we do. This includes other farmers, customers and the local community.

There is a real shortage of young people entering the agricultural industry, and so we were especially pleased to host the 2012 Institute of Agricultural Management Farm Planner of the Year competition, which saw thirteen teams of agricultural students visit us to compete for this prestigious title.

If you would like to know more about our farming activities then please contact Andrew on 0118 973 0047.

View a Field Map of the Estate here. Currently the farming partnership has three main enterprises: Dairy, Arable and Environmental.


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